Week 8: I Am Not My Goals


I am not my goals.
My value is not a summation of the things that I can do.
My accomplishments do not validate my worth.
While my goals are important, I will no longer suppress my appreciation for myself, waiting until I am successful.
I am worthy now, as I am.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well — Psalm 139:14

. . .

Do you hear that sound? It’s a sound that never goes silent throughout the year, but by far, hits its highest decibels this time of year. If you have been on any given social media platform, in the gym, or grocery store over the past ten days, you have undoubtedly heard it, and chances are you have also contributed to this intense melody.

It’s the sound of mobile human bodies of differing ages, cultures, and aspirations advancing deliberately toward their goals for 2022.

I am a fan of this time of year. What I enjoy most about it, more than the resolutions, vision boards, and words or buzz phrases of the year, is the fresh, positive energy that I sense all around. There is this collective notion, even if temporary, that,


Even after the past two years we’ve experienced, I am thrilled that HOPE STILL LIVES!

Yet, I want to balance this mass march toward setting, achieving, and crossing off goals with this reminder-

You are more than the sum of the goals you accomplish.

It’s easy to get this confused amid the intensity required to advance our lives through achieving commitments. Attaching our worth to the things we do is an effortless act. Yet, this subtle choice can lead to heartbreak, and worse, self-loathing in the long run if said commitments go unachieved.

So I am here to remind you that you are valuable right now. Before you finally finish the book, lose the weight, start the business, or obtain the degree. In this present moment in time, you are good enough. You are worthy.

When I start a new endeavor from this place of awareness, I’ve learned that my chances of completion are higher. The difference between striving toward your goals and thriving is how you feel about yourself while going after them.

Final Thoughts

I am cheering for you. I hope you crush your goals for this year. Most importantly, I hope you remember that your confidence in your significance before you achieve a goal is premium fuel to you accomplishing it. 

I hope you will write this affirmation down and tuck it away for a day when you need today’s reminder.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this affirmation.

Reflection Questions:

  1.  Have you ever struggled with attaching your worth to something you did or did not accomplish?
  2. If you set goals for this year, how is it going so far?
  3. What are some specific things you have done or can do to remind yourself that you are valuable now?

I hope to connect with you more personally in the comments. 

Until Next Time, 

Sending you love, courage and MORE Courage! 



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