The Purge

Our thoughts are powerful and they have an aroma that fill our minds. They either impart pleasant attractive scents that lead to enthusiasm, hope, and productivity or they impart putrid rotting scents that lead to lethargy, discouragement, and stagnation. The aroma that our thoughts give off impacts others through our words and actions. See,  all thoughts eventually transform into words and/or actions. So every place our voices are heard, we are either stinking up the atmosphere with negativity or releasing a sweet smelling fragrance of hope, faith and strength. Continue reading

You Can’t Wing-It Baby Girl

I hate plannING.  I hate plannERS. I hate Schedules.  I cringe at the sight of my “super organized” friends who scribble profusely into planners , or use their smart phones to set reminders and alarms for their every move, meal,  and breath! So you might imagine that I was a little intimidated when I heard these words concerning 2016,  “You have to organize your life for where I am taking you”!Initially, I panicked!! Because, well, “what EXACTLY does this mean??!!!!”  See, I did not always hate the process of planning, and I’ve even tried to be an organizer in a former part of my life. In fact, for many years, I religiously purchased a planner in January. The problem was,  the efforts never made it out of the month of February.  Since I could not stick to it, I resolved that planning wasn’t “for me,” I kind of decided that I would take a more “relaxed” approach to life! Continue reading