Are You A Grieving Daughter: An Invitation to Reclaim Your Hope

May 13, 2012, was the first Mother’s Day after my mother’s death. I vividly remember the pain and disbelief of that day.

Dropped into a deep dark black hole, I was angry, sad, and lonely, and it felt like there was no one to empathize with how I felt. ⠀

As the years went by, I did not feel much better. No matter how much I braced myself for Mother’s Day season, I still found myself in that same deep dark hole year after year. ⠀

In 2015, a friend asked me to write about my experience. Initially, I felt disrespected — how dare she ask me to share this pain publicly? The request felt tone-deaf and insensitive. I barely understood the concept of “blogging” at that time. But, the people pleaser in me could not say no, so I reluctantly agreed. ⠀(See: Motherless On Mother’s Day)

That Blog post became the most popular post on my friend’s site that year. The feedback I received opened my eyes to the reality that I was not alone. Daughters were suffering through the season, feeling unseen, putting brave faces on for the outside, yet crumbling inside.⠀

Through the feedback I received, I also realized that Mother’s Day season was complicated for more than just women who had lost their mothers to death. ⠀

In 2018, I understood that I’d been called to support grieving daughters. I had my blog by then, and I penned “A Love Letter to Grieving Daughters.” ⠀(See: A Love Letter to Grieving Daughters

From 2018 until this day, year after year, my “love letter” continues to be the most viewed and shared post on my site. Not just during the season but all year round.⠀

Over the last few years, I have found other ways to connect with the grieving daughters within my reach intentionally. But I never feel like my arm is long enough.

Hope For Grieving Daughters

Approximately nine months ago, I began thinking of creating a virtual event for grieving women. That thought seed has become Hope For Grieving Daughters.

Hope for Grieving Daughters is a virtual event that will occur on the day before Mother’s Day. This event is my love gift to women searching for love, light, and hope during Mother’s Day Season.

I am excited about the opportunity to create and hold space for women of all ages and backgrounds to love, encourage, and value one another.

There is no fee for the event, but space is limited. I launched a private opening earlier this month, and based on current confirmed registrants, this will be an at-capacity event.

Registration is now open to the public!! If you would like to register, click the link below to reserve your place. Register for Hope For Grieving Daughters

Who Are Grieving Daughters? 

The reasons women grieve are as vast and unique as we each are.

One of the main questions I have received since announcing the Mother’s Day Eve event is,

“Is this just for women who have lost their mothers?”

The answer is an absolute “NO!”

Over the years, I have learned that “Grieving Daughters” are not only women who have lost a mother to death. Grieving Daughters also include, but are not limited to –

  • Women who have lost Primary Nurturers like Grandmothers. Aunts, Sisters, Female Mentors, etc.
  • Women who have lost children to death
  • Women who have lost children to the foster care system
  • Women who have lost children to incarceration.
  • Women who have complicated or non-existent relationships with their living mothers
  • Women who have complex or non-existent relationships with their living children
  • Women who live with the pain and disappointment of infertility.
  • Women who long to be mothers, but it just hasn’t happened yet for differing reasons.
  • Women who feel undervalued by their children, spouses, and/or partners
  • Women who feel unseen / underappreciated
  • Women who are transitioning from the loss of a significant relationship, career, home, etc.

As I stated, this is not an all-inclusive list, so even if you don’t see the reason you are grieving on the list, YOU ARE WELCOME to join us.

Final Thoughts

I will be sharing more about this event in the coming days. If you have questions about the event, I am happy to answer them. Please let me know.

Until Next Time,

Always sending you love, courage and MORE Courage!

Have an amazing week ahead!


Delanea D.

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