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Have you ever found yourself back at the  START-LINE when you should be getting closer to the FINISH LINE?  If you haven’t ever found yourself there,


BUT,  for those of you who can relate to the reality of re-starting something that should be finished, this “Hope Note”  is tailor-made for YOU, so I’m glad you’re here!

On October 1st,  I returned to the  Orange Theory Fitness studio for the first time in 7 MONTHS!!! I wish I could say my first night under the “orange lights” was an adrenaline rush, and that I was so excited to be back, but unless it’s  “Opposites Day,” I can’t.  

The experience was torturous, the decline of my fitness level was immediately evident.  I knew I had to finish the workout, but honestly, I was already considering cancelling my next scheduled class. I was frustrated by my inability to jump back in at the pace that I was before I left in March, due to Covid-19.  The reality was, I couldn’t. Every part of the workout was hard.

I wanted to rush out of the studio afterward, and wallow in self-pity, but Coach Joseph had other plans. He had the “Brag Board” Prepped for a photo after class to “celebrate” my return to the studio. img_1728Now, on my best day, when I’m  “feeling myself” because I just slaughtered my workout, I don’t want to take a photo. I’m just not the, after-a-workout-photoshoot type of person, but  I couldn’t refuse. His thoughtfulness, coupled with his perfectly placed encouragement throughout the night influenced my agreement to the photo. I’m actually glad I did. One day it may be the first half of a  “How It re-Started / How It’s Going” IG post. 🙂

That first night revealed to me a very important lesson. I’ve often heard people say,

 “It doesn’t matter how you start, it matters how you finish.”

I’ve never challenged that thought, but this experience revealed to me that I don’t agree with it. It DEFINITELY matters how you start!  In fact,

How you start determines IF you finish!!

Here’s what I learned the night I returned to Orange Theory, when you are re-starting,

You cannot expect to start from where you STOPPED,  you have to start from where you ARE!

Read it again.

This thought was so on time for me!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started, or re-started something with such unrealistic expectations that I couldn’t keep up, so I eventually got discouraged enough to quit. This is why it matters how you start! 

STARTING STRONG  is about learning to begin at a pace that you can maintain. It’s ok to start slow in the beginning, and make adjustments as you go. It’s ok to set one goal at a time, instead of setting 10.  Maybe you’re not a quitter,  you just aren’t starting strong enough to experience longevity!

I am practicing this in real time. Yesterday marked 1 month since I returned to OTF.  After my first workout back, I adjusted my schedule to 3 times a week, and I maintained that through October. To put that into perspective, when I stopped going to OTF in March, I was going 6 times a week, without blinking. Another adjustment I made was  deciding  to complete my “cardio block” on the  Strider, which is a little more gracious on my joints right now, than the treadmill.  These adjustments have allowed me to continue. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been able to keep going, and isn’t that the point? 

In my last blog, Where Are You?  ,  I said I would share with you the one thing you must do when you are re-starting.  Here it is:

When you are restarting you must remember you are starting from where you ARE,  not where you WERE, and not where you WISH you were. This mindset adjustment will ensure a STRONG START! Starting strong sets you up to make incremental adjustments as you go, with grace toward yourself at the center of those adjustments!

So, Here’s to STRONG STARTS! 

What are you going to do differently for your  Re-start?”
 Let’s talk about it in the comments

or you can email me at: 

In my next blog, I’ll be sharing how I REALLY feel about  CONSISTENCY.

I hope to see you there! 

Until Then,

May you be found with your hope ALIVE.

Always Love,




3 thoughts on “Start Strong

  1. “You cannot expect to start from where you STOPPED, you have to start from where you ARE!”- Love that, and so very true.

    “STARTING STRONG is about learning to begin at a pace that you can maintain…. Maybe you’re not a quitter, you just aren’t starting strong enough to experience longevity!” Good advice ma’am. I’m learning not to set myself up for failure (i.e. the 27 things on my to do list that I somehow think simply because I want to get it done I’ll be allotted more than 24 hours for the day). Super encouraged! Thank you.

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