Where Are You?

2020  has relentlessly delivered blow-after-blow, uprooting our comfort-infused constructs, and First-World conveniences, leaving us uncertain about tomorrow, and much less certain about our futures. With very limited places to go “safely” away from home, and few people to see outside of our own homes, we’ve learned to celebrate things like showering , combing our hair, putting clean clothes on, from the bottom up, slipping on shoes with soles, and eating food other than comfort snacks.

Color Faded – #30Layers30Days

Seasons of solitude are usually for the purpose of purging and rejuvenation. Isolation can be uncomfortable because we take pleasure in being resolute and sturdy. Wearing our seeming ability to “handle it all” as a badge of honor, we often hold on tight to things that deny us of our essential need for rest and replenishing. It takes boldness to release the unnecessary. But we must because we cannot Become who we were meant to be, while staying the same. We have to choose to release and trust.

Secret Life – #30Layers30Days

I have only recently gained an appreciation for “Wilderness-like” seasons of isolation. Before I saw them as punishment, a “time out” of sorts for not meeting expectations, or for falling short.

However, I am learning that seasons of isolation are really seasons of “PROMOTION PREPARATION.” These are times