Are You A Candle – A Hope Note

Light, in the depths of deceit, ignorance, and fear, we search for light.
We long to see again because sight is a form of freedom.
We search for the light to illuminate the pathway to change.
Yet, it is forgotten how offensive light can be to eyes that have known darkness for far too long.
We are desperate for light, but when it comes, we must deny ourselves the comfort of hiding in the dark again.
We must squint our eyes until the light is welcomed.
We must do so until our eyes value the beauty of seeing again.
And once you can see, you must be bold enough to be the candle for some lost and hopeless soul who too longs to see.
I hope you’ll be their candle.

There is still so much uncertainty all around us. The holiday season is upon us, and there are still so many unanswered questions and reasons to be filled with concern.

Many are desperately searching for hope. Hope is that glimmer of light that sneaks out from the depths of darkness.

Hope isn’t as much about having all of the answers or having any answers at all.

Hope is being grounded in the confident expectation that good will somehow emerge from this extended season of uncertainty and then willingly offering that belief to someone else as an anchor.

Do you have hope to give? Can you light someone’s life up with your positive perspective? Can you offer encouragement to someone who feels like they are at their proverbial end?

If you can be someone’s candle, be.
If you can, offer the warmth of your smile to lift someone else’s spirits, give it.
If you can sow one act of kindness into the life of a stranger, extend it.

If you can be someone’s candle, be.
But if you cannot,  I hope you will find yourself standing in the generosity of someone else’s abundant light.

Until the Next Time,

Sending you Love, courage and MORE Courage,


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