Week Five: I Belong Here Now- A Hope-Filled Affirmation

Affirm This, 

I Belong here now.
While I am making adjustments, learning, and growing, I will take up space in all of the places I am destined to occupy.
Doing so builds my confidence, strengthens my faith, and honors who I am becoming.

I hope you go after every opportunity presented this week to take up space. Even as you are developing and becoming more confident in your skills, I hope you remember that you are worthy now.

Purpose does not require perfection; it requires faith and consistency.

Here’s to a week filled with courage to take a step toward the life you were designed for, no matter how small.

I would love to hear what step/s you are taking this week to align with your purpose.  Feel free to share with me in the comments. 

Until Next Time, 

Sending Love, courage, and MORE COURAGE, 


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