A Tribute to Mommy


Londa Lavette Hunter 

April 11, 1962  –  August 3, 2011 

There is not a soul who has believed in , encouraged, and helped to cultivate my gifts more than my mother. She was the first person to invest into my writing.  She taught me the impact of  my words, and she pushed me to expand my understanding of the power of my writing. Therefore, I would like to dedicate this work to my mommy – my first love, my dearest friend, and the Queen of my heart.  

Oh how I miss her daily, the best part of who she is lives on within my heart, and she continues to encourage me to be better, to be courageous, and to constantly stretch myself to become MORE.

My life’s mission is to make her proud, by keeping God first, living purposefully, and being BRAVE!  I am a proud steward of her legacy!