Tuesday’s Transformative Thought By D Ready, Set, Aim Your Focus

Happy Transformation Tuesday! Today, I want to encourage you to take back your FOCUS!

Did you know that your focus is the area of your life that you have the greatest influence ON and control OVER? A common acronym for the word Focus is

F (follow). O (one) . C (course). U (until) . S (successful) ,

yet how many of you can attest that this is easier said than done?  I don’t know about you, but I find myself discouraged when I am following a particular course, and it seems like my desired results are far out of reach.  When this happens I am tempted to give up and start searching for a new “course” to follow that will give me faster results.  The problem with this mindset is,  as soon as I take a detour and start “Recalibrating” my course, I am losing time,  and likely lengthening my path to success!

In school, most of us learned that the shortest distance from  Point A to Point B is a straight-line .  Yet, when we start tampering with our course, we remove ourselves from the straight-line path, and put ourselves on a more circular path. We may get to success, but we are taking the longer route to get there!  Doing this only prolongs the ultimate desire for success, and it costs you the momentum you’d already gained on the straight path.

This takes me a back to our acronym,  Follow.  One. Course.  Until Successful.   I want to give you 3 key points that I gained by looking at this acronym again, and I hope you will feel as ignited as I am to get back on your path!

1).  “One Course” :   MAKE A DECISION!  What decision do you need to make concerning your journey towards becoming your best self?    Two question you can answer are:

 * When do I feel like I am functioning at my optimum level?

* What am I DOING  when I feel my best?

This will help you to determine what decision you need to make and what habits you need to incorporate.

2). “Until” :  This part deals with CONSISTENCY! Once you make your decision,  you have to follow through with it over-and-over again.  Your follow-through has to be non-negotiable.  If this makes you nervous,  you can always make an incremental strategy.  When setting your goals,  you are in the driver’s seat,  but once you establish your “course”,  BE CONSISTENT! 

3) “SUCCESSFUL”:   This is how you know you have arrived at your desired destination!  So before you get on the course,  you have to determine where  you’re going.  You must decide what success looks like!  If you have a more long-term goal to accomplish like,  weight loss,  writing a book, completing a degree, starting a business, etc,  I encourage you to set milestones, and establish tangible rewards for yourself to keep yourself engaged and encouraged along the way!

We are nearing the start of the 2nd quarter of 2017,  which is a great time to check your focus against the goals you set at the beginning of the year.  If you need to make adjustments, that is not a negative thing,  remember,  this is not about PERFECTION,  this is about PROGRESS,  and I assure you that your progress will be best when you OWN your FOCUS!  So go ahead, OWN IT!!    (Read  Progress over Perfection!).

One of my favorite Bible verses, that gets me on track and encourages me  is Galatians 6:9:img_4391

The beauty is  F.O.C.U.S  will ensure that you will not get off of the course before you reap your harvest! Sometimes we walk away just before we receive the harvest of blessing!  Stay the course my friends!!  We can do this!

I hope this is helpful for you!  Please feel free to share this post, comment, like and follow my blog!

Until next time,  keep your hope LIVING!


Delanea D.

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