Keep It Simple

Why do we insist on making things so difficult for ourselves? It’s like we refuse to believe that “slow and steady [truly does] win the race.” We may say we believe that, but our actions often reveal that we really believe DRASTIC and UNREASONABLE is the only way to win.

For example, countless times I’ve been guilty of  deciding that I was going to really focus on weight loss. I’d go from eating carbs without a limit one day, to trying to start a 30-day  green juice fast the next.


NO,  seriously….  HOW?

Inevitably,  suffering and starving,  I’d be binge-eating, while promising to start the next Monday by 2-3 days in. What I realize is, I did not want to only lose weight, I wanted the instant gratification of losing it fast.  

Slow progress scared me because I did not trust myself to stick in there,  to see what organic progress looked like. 

To get myself out of this crazy cycle of starting with plans that ultimately would not work, I have learned to ask my self questions before I commit to the plan that I’ve laid out.  Questions like,

Is this Sustainable? 

Have you built in any flexibility? 

What if your day isn’t the perfect scenario you were hoping for, can you still do it? 

These questions help me, not only on my health journey, but also with other goals that I am working toward.  Once I have made my plan,  asked myself the questions above, and made any necessary modifications, the next thing I do is commit. 

Commitment is important because it builds confidence.  Confidence is necessary to achieve any goal you’re working toward, and the more you keep your self-promises, the more confident you will become. I know that from experience. 

I want to encourage you to simplify your plans. The process has its own set of challenges, so making it harder by creating a plan that you cannot be consistent with is counterproductive.  Remember, there is no prize for making “The Process” harder. You will always need endurance to finish your race because endurance builds your character.

Your character is what God is concerned about. So let your character grow, as you endure. 

Whatever journey you are on, weight-loss, strength-building, starting a blog, starting a business, writing a book, finishing a degree, etc, KEEP•IT•SIMPLE.  Receive the grace that God has for you, and don’t complicate it!

Whenever you feel yourself trying to do fulfill plans that are DRASTIC and UNREASONABLE,  recognize that for what it is, FEAR  Don’t give fear access to your journey!

As you continue on your journey,  don’t think fast,  think FINISHED.  Don’t think perfect,  think CONSISTENT.

We are going to complete the assignments that God has gifted us to complete,  and we are going to be stronger, more certain, and ready to serve others in love with our gifts when we finish. 

God is with us,  LET’S DO THIS!!! 

Until Next time, Keep your Hope ALIVE!! 

With So Much Love, 


So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you! Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.  (Hebrews 10:35-36)

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