Do You Believe?…


Today’s Scripture Writing comes from John 11:25-26, Jesus is providing a new perspective on death.   Because He is , “The Resurrection and Life” He promises Eternal Life to all those who will BELIEVE. This means, Believers “will live, even after dying. ” – v. 25 .

When this passage picks up, Jesus is talking to Martha.  After He shares this “Good News” with her about the eternal life of the Believer, He asks her , “Do you Believe?”  

As I wrote this part of the passage tonight, the importance of Belief was reinforced in my heart.   I was reminded that receiving God’s promises to us through reading, writing, and/or hearing Holy Scripture is  a 2-part process.  The first part is gaining awareness. The first question we have to answer when we read Scripture is,  “Do I understand what has been said?” However, the most important part is  the second question,  “Do I believe it?”

Believing is a choice, and there are times when Scripture completely stretches my mind beyond my capacity to understand.  In these times, when I truly can’t  grasp the Promises of God with my natural mind, my confidence in the definitive Truth of Holy Scripture allows me to believe anyway.

Here in St. John 11:25-26,  we find an amazing promise from Jesus! He reveals that death is not the end, because for those who believe, they will continue to live, even after physically dying.  PRAISE GOD!  When my mother died over 5 years ago, this Truth was comforting. It did not allow me to escape the grief, pain, or loneliness that I experienced,  as a result of her death, but it did give me hope because I chose to believe.

Tonight,  I want to encourage you to believe, and after that,  keep believing,  NO MATTER WHAT!


Dear Lord, 

Thank you for Your promises that are more powerful than our understanding.  May we believe You, even when it’s difficult,  even when it’s painful, and even when we don’t fully comprehend your Mighty power. Help us to believe again and again. 

In Jesus’ Name, 


Until Next Time,  Keep your hope LIVING!


Delanea D.

Here is the plan I am following this month,  if you haven’t already, feel free to join me!


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