When You Promised….. #30Layers30Days + #BlogLikeCrazy

Happy November 1st!!!

I am so excited about the month of November! Last year, I participated in GG’s  #30Layers30Days writing challenge on my social media platforms! It was an amazing experience!

I was so thrilled when I saw the prompts for this year in my email box! I am thankful for this space to share the experience with you all this year!

I am also a member of an amazing writing community called  “See JANE Write,” so I am joining in on the #BlogLikeCrazy Challenge also, well actually more like combining the challenges:)!  Find out more about the “See Jane Write” Community,  and the #BlogLikeCrazy Challenge  HERE !!

I hope you will join in!  I will put the prompts below for you!! Be sure to use the hashtags -#BlogLikeCrazy  and #30Layers30Days

Here’s to Today’s Prompt:

When You Promised….

Promises, promises are meant to be kept,  so why are so many broken?  It’s funny how committed I am to promises that I make to other people, but I have not always demonstrated that same loyalty to the promises that I have made to myself.

Aside from my accountability to God, my accountability to myself is of utmost value. After all, there is but one person that I am most accountable for, and that is me, myself. I am learning that being called to serve others does not mean that I neglect myself. That lesson has led me to accept that there is nothing wrong with putting my own proverbial “oxygen mask” on before helping someone else to secure theirs.  I have also learned that my “Self-Care” regimen does not start on a beach, a massage table, or in a salon chair. No, my “Self-Care” begins on my knees, and it is sustained by experiencing the unconditional love of my Heavenly Father.  Deliberately pouring into my relationship with God is the only way I can truly care for myself, and be accountable to the self-promises that are meant to bring God’s will to reality in my life.

So when you have promised to love others,  to support others, to uplift others,  just  make sure you are just as loyal to keeping those same promises to yourself!

My hope is that you too, will find yourself on your Knees because the safest, most peaceful, most liberating place in the entire world is in the will of God.

May you find yourselves there!!

That’s all for today.

Until Next Time,

Keep your hope living!


Delanea D.


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