“Hot and Bothered” #30Layers30Days -#TBT , #BlogLikeCrazy

I am,  HOT, frustrated, and set a blazed,  for broken women who are alone, silenced and put to shame. 

I am BOTHERED, annoyed, yes PISSED,  that we live in a culture that requires women to hold up tattered banners of  UN-BOTHERED-NESS! 

“Un-bothered” by day, yet hopeless, crying, shattered, and alone by night. Forced to feel that  having feelings, and feeling in itself is just not RIGHT. 

I was born to stand up for these women, who are God’s Daughters,  I am the VOICE of God’s love, here to REVIVE His Hope, and spread His Truth.

Yes, I am  Hot and Bothered, yet destructive I am not. I am Light that has been rescued from hiding in the dark, here to simply proclaim to her,  You are Beautiful, Enough, Powerful, Precious, and Loved in every way. 

In honor of #ThrowBackThursday,  I wanted to share a post from last year, my first year participating in #30Layers30Days.

My hope in sharing this is that if you are a woman who is holding up that “tattered banner of Un-Botheredness”  that you would know that it really is ok to not to always be”ok”.  You don’t have to wander through life ashamed that you have feelings, or feeling guilty because you are not always  “strong”. You were made to feel, to be vulnerable, and to connect deeply.  Sure, sometimes we are not selective enough with whom we choose to be vulnerable with, but vulnerability is where your freedom and power lies. Your story, the compilation of your life’s experiences, is powerful, and not just reserved for you.  Your story will be used by God to some day be the testimony to help someone else overcome.

I hope you know that God doesn’t look down upon you over the things that bother you,  He never calls you petty, or thinks that the things that concern you are insignificant. He cares about what you care about, He really does, and He draws near to you in times when you feel the most inadequate, broken, and ashamed, you need only turn to Him.

The Lord hears His people when they call to Him for help. He rescues  the from all of their troubles.  The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose are crushed.  (Psalm 34:17-18)

You can check out my latest #30Layers30Days post,  “Where I Live” HERE!

That’s all for now.  Until Next Time,

Keep your hope LIVING – alert, active, ALIVE!


Delanea D
















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