Beautifully Broken Into Diamonds By. StaceeMichelle

I just had to share this blog post by StaceeMichelle!
If you have ever mistakenly thought your story had to be perfectly
complete to bless others, StaceeMichelle proves otherwise in
this beautifully raw, wisdom-filled, and uplifting piece!
Keep your hope living!!!



Kingdom Daughters United

Chapter 38: No children, never been pregnant, 10 years of walking in purity, and never been married. I did not expect to be here this time around. Single. Suffering from a broken heart. No, not when I was submitted to God in my waiting. Not when I went to God each step of the process, asking, “Lord, did You send Him?” Lord, Is he my Husband?” Each time He would tell me, “Yes.” But now… he is gone. 

The end of this story has not been written, yet. But it is currently providing healing for me to share the first half of this story, as it encourages me to trust God even when I do not understand. 

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2 thoughts on “Beautifully Broken Into Diamonds By. StaceeMichelle

  1. Catrina says:

    This is so good, so raw, so real and so relevant to real life. Stacey let her guard down and let us in to the truth of her experience and I am thankful for her transparency.


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