You Were Created For This: Just Remember…

Creativity is a spiritual issue. Any progress is made by leaps of faith, some small, some large.— Julia Cameron

You are creative. I know you didn’t ask for my opinion on this, and most likely I’ve never experienced your art. Yet, it is important for me to remind you that before you ever picked up that pen, paintbrush, instrument, camera, or script, you were destined to be a Creator. Yes, well before you welcomed the critiques and opinions of outsiders, your identity was established as a Creator. And your task, and mine, is to never forget this once we begin to welcome the outside into our creative lights! 

I know social media, in many ways, has pushed the idea that being a Content Creator, Creative, or Influencer, is some exclusive title only suited for a select, fortunate few. However, I am here to disrupt that mindset, and tell you that it is not true. 

I used to have a bad habit of declaring boldly, “I’m not creative.” I especially felt this way when I was admiring the creativity of someone else. I’d think to myself, “ Wow! I wish I was that creative,and I would downplay and overly criticize my artistic expressions, labeling them as not good enough. 

One day, as I wallowed in my self-imposed pit of inadequacy, I heard this reminder in my heart, 

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. — Genesis 1:27

This sweet reminder helped me to realize that because I am created in the image of the MASTER CREATOR, God Himself, creativity is woven into me. It is my inheritance as a child of God, my birthright! Therefore, I don’t have to “try” or “hope” to be creative, I already am!

Embracing this Truth has been a major game changer for me. It took me from thinking that creativity was something that I lacked, to realizing that it is a divine gift, embedded into me, and available in limitless abundance.

Right now, it is my hope that the power of this reality is stirring up your faith. I hope you never again minimize your creative expression. I hope you are sparked to simply continue. Continue to believe BIG for your life, and take the necessary steps to see the manifestation of your wildest dreams. Continuing is important because every forward step you take, each time you show up, you are developing your creative muscle, and getting closer to the vision God gave you about your life. 

Further, I invite you to remember this, especially when it’s hard, creativty is not something you have to earn or aspire to. Creativity is your nature, your very birthright, and you need only agree with what God has already done inside of you, and simply, TAP IN!

What action can you take today to  TAP IN?  

Whatever that step is, I hope you take it.  

Until Next Time,  Keep Your Hope LIVING! 

Sending you Love, Courage and MORE courage! 

With Love, 


2 thoughts on “You Were Created For This: Just Remember…

  1. reedusnow says:

    Thank you for sharing I needed the reminder! Hope all is well and have a beautiful Thanksgiving!Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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