The f-word

any pursue it, but few find it.

Those who do find it discover, it is most difficult to keep.

It slips right through the hands of those who live to people please.

And, it is often fumbled, by way of comparison.

Its definition is as vast and multi-faceted as a precious diamond.

It’s impact is courage, acceptance confidence, peace, alignment …

And now that I have your curiosity aroused, you must wonder, what is this F-Word to which I’ve chosen to expound,


The prompt was: “The F-word” and that is what flowed out of me.

This weekend, I hope you slow down, tune into your heart, and listen to what you need. Once you hear what you need, I dare you to do a brave thing, and give yourself exactly what you heard.

This is self-care, the art of pausing, being present, and taking action to honor your needs and desires. Developing a practice of doing this leads to fulfillment.

hat do you need? I’m going to encourage you not to overthink that question. Maybe it’s as simple as a forty-five minute nap, or a few silent moments to journal, or a day of spontaneity with no rigid appointments!

Whatever you hear when you slow down, tune in, and listen, I dare you to exercise courage, and


Until Next Time,  Keep you Hope LIVING!

Sending you Love, courage, and MORE Courage


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