Week Two: Just Be – A Hope-Filled Affirmation

Affirm This,

I was hand-selected by God to be in the earth at this time.

The gifts that I have been divinely endowed with are needed in the earth, RIGHT NOW. And, my presence here is evidence of that.

Therefore, I will boldly silence the voice of fear both within, and outside of me, and just BE.

Be exactly who, and how God created me to be!

Your life is a miracle. You have survived 100% of the things that you once thought would destroy you! Never again doubt that your life is purposeful, right now in this moment.

Never doubt that you were created for this moment. There has been no better era to contain your kind of greatness.

Just Be!

I hope you carry this affirmation into this new week.  If it resonates with you,  I invite you to write it down and repeat it each day of this week. 

Until Next Time, 

Sending you Love, courage and MORE courage, 


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