6 Ways To Show Up For Yourself This Weekend

This Thanksgiving, I found myself overwhelmed at times with gratitude for the simplest things. We were fortunate to have 

several of our loved ones come into town to spend the holiday and the days leading up to it with us.

Planning for this holiday love-fest, family reunion of sorts had been in the making since August. Unbeknownst to everyone else, I’d held my breath the whole time leading up to this past Tuesday when they would arrive, because well, pandemic.

Thankfully, Tuesday evening, everyone arrived healthy and safe, and I could finally exhale. We had the best time together! Though it was a smaller gathering than our family gatherings of old, it felt lovingly nostalgic. We did our best to incorporate all of the things we used to do together. We caught up on each other’s lives, played games, watched movies, cooked, and ate great food. It was everything I did not know I needed. After two years filled with concerns about every little thing, this was a time for us to get lost in our bubble of love and family.

A couple of hours ago, we stood outside in the beautiful Georgia sunshine, bidding our loved-ones farewell, and wishing them a safe trip back to the Windy City. As we all participated in this customary send-off, with hugs all around, I thought it truly is “hard to say goodbye” sometimes.

Walking back into our now empty and quiet home, I sat on the couch thinking about and giving thanks for the past few days. Next, being the introvert that I am, I started thinking of what I can do to relax and recharge this weekend to be ready for a sure to be busy week ahead.

After getting my thoughts together, I figured you could probably use this list to help with your recovery as well, 

6 Ways To Show Up For Yourself This Weekend:Move Your Body

 1). Move Your Body — If the weather is permitting in your area, this weekend may be an excellent time for your to throw on warm gear and take a reflective nature walk.

2). Read — You know that book that you’ve been putting off reading? This weekend may be a good time to pull it out, grab a warm cup of tea or your favorite beverage, and relax your body while exercising your mind.

3). Journal —  Spend some time writing down what you’re grateful for and/or what you’re looking forward to in the days ahead. Gratitude makes disappointments shrink. Intentional focus on gratitude warms your heart and lifts your spirit. I find it difficult to focus on what I am grateful for and stay in a funk at the same time.

4). Prayer and Meditation — Quiet time alone with God is my favorite form of self-care. In prayer, you have a chance to express words of thanks directly to God, as well as make your requests known to Him. I also like to meditate on Scripture during my quiet time. I read and recite a verse of Scripture and meditate on how to apply it to my life.

5). Write Down Words of Affirmation —  Write Words of Affirmation Statements- How do you want to show up for your work and your family next week? Writing down power-packed, “I AM” statements to post on your mirror or computer screen as reminders can help keep your intentions clear.

6). Social Media Break —  I have a love, hate relationship with the interwebs. While I enjoy its ability to keep me connected with my loved ones who are away, the entertainment side of social media can be a huge time waster. If you relate, this weekend may be a fantastic opportunity to intentionally unplug from Social Media for a few hours, a day or the entire weekend. 

I hope this list will assist you in putting as much focus and energy into recovering from a holiday as you put into preparing for one. I am wishing you a great recharge this weekend!

Let me know if you plan to incorporate one of these into your weekend plans.

Until Next Time, 

Sending you love, courage and MORE courage!! 


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