Worried About the Wrong Things?

Aroma TherapyWorry is is the Chief Thief of our hope!  Worry is a stalker, each time we get up the courage to believe again, to start moving forward,  AGAIN, here comes worry badgering us to focus on the wrong things! If worry can’t find anything to badger you about in your own life, it will busy you with focusing on the lives of others, tempting you to insert your hand, your opinions, and your focus onto things that don’t matter to the instructions you have received from God concerning YOUR LIFE!

Worry is the most unproductive of all distractions because typically the energy of worry doesn’t lead to forward momentum, it usually slows us down, and causes us to become stagnant. Even if worry has us running around at full speed, busy and distracted, we are still stagnant because our lives do not move forward when we allow worry to lead them.

Worry also blurs our vision as it relates to knowing what is Productive and what is mere Busyness.  I share my perspective on the difference between the two, and the cost of worry in this week’s #LoveTapFromD💕 in the Finally Friday Wind Down.

Finally Friday Wind Down is a Weekly 3 part Segment that I host for Kingdom Daughters United.  In the Segment I focus on Inspiration , Encouragement, and Internal Self Care.  I have advanced the video below to the  “#LoveTapFromD💕”,  but I do encourage you to listen to it in its entirety, and feel free to “Like” the Video if it’s helpful and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Please note, #LoveTapsFromD  know NO Gender, so if you’re a man, I am certain you will also be encouraged!

Be sure to take a listen!

If this note and video has found you during a season when you are battling worry, I want you to ask yourself the 3 locating questions that I posed to myself:

1). Are you Worried About the WRONG things?

2).  Are you fighting the wrong battles?

3). Are you focused on the details that don’t matter to your life/purpose?

Reference Passage:  Luke 10:38-42

Until Next Time,

Keep Your Hope Living!

Sincerely with Love,

Delanea D💕


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