Secret Life – #30Layers30Days

I have only recently gained an appreciation for “Wilderness-like” seasons of isolation. Before I saw them as punishment, a “time out” of sorts for not meeting expectations, or for falling short.

However, I am learning that seasons of isolation are really seasons of “PROMOTION PREPARATION.” These are times when God draws us close to Himself, and where He hides us and quiets every distraction, until all we hear is His voice.

It is only in this “Secret Place” that we are attentive enough to allow Him to reveal to us secrets about His plans for our lives. There, we gain insight, instruction, and even correction, and then we are released with new wings to soar into new seasons of Purpose. In the solitude of my “Secret Life,” Maturity, Depth and Confidence are cultivated and then, I am ready.

If you’re in a wilderness season, be encouraged! Jesus Himself had to face the Wilderness BEFORE He faced the public! One moment, The Heavens are opened, and God was affirming Him, “This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased” Next, Holy Spirit is leading Him into the Wilderness for 40 days… (Ref. Matthew 3:16-17; 4:1-11).

Wilderness Seasons, purge us of what is unnecessary for our Purpose Journey, and fills us up with what is.

My Friend, if you are in the Wilderness, embrace it, for you are where you need to be!

I am joining in again on GG Renee’s annual writing challenge, #30Layers30Days. I have included the prompts below if you want to join in!

I am looking forward to sharing with you this month. That’s all for tonight, until next time, keep your Hope Alive and Active!

With Love,


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