Color Faded – #30Layers30Days

img_0984When a tree is preparing for its renewal season, it sheds its leaves. Liberated from the weight of the leaves, the tree, and its branches are free to rest and replenish.  Fall and Winter seasons, though wet, cold, gloomy, and uncomfortable prepare the tree for the vibrancy of new life that is sure to bloom forth in Spring.

While the beauty of Fall leaves makes us gasp, we rarely realize we are witnessing death on display.

While we are not as impressed with green leaves, when the leaf is green, it is at its highest level of life. When the color begins to change, to the signature Fall colors that we find so beautiful, the process of death begins. Then the beautiful color of the leaf fades, it falls off of the tree, and soon dies. And this, gives way to the necessary cycles of death, burial and rebirth,  that ensure the health and longevity of the tree.

And then I wonder, what must I rid myself of, no matter how beautiful, to ensure that I, like that firmly rooted tree, will rest and replenish, so that I too, will have substance available in Spring.

Seasons of  solitude are usually for the purpose of purging and rejuvenation.  Isolation can be uncomfortable because we take pleasure in being resolute and sturdy. Wearing our seeming ability to “handle it all” as a badge of honor,  we often hold on tight to things that deny us of our essential need for rest and replenishing. It takes boldness to release the unnecessary. But we must because we cannot Become who we were meant to be, while staying the same. We have to choose to release and trust.

What do you need to let go of, so that you can Live, Love, and Be Substantial in this world. I dare you to release it/ them. And before you start to convince yourself that you cannot,  I want to assure you,  YES YOU CAN!  

Take Courage my Friend, Replenishment and Rejuvenation are your gifts.  Release anything that denies you of these gifts because the life you desire most is on the other side of you taking the time to Care for and take care of yourself.

So let’s be Bold and Free Together.

That’s all for tonight. Until next time, keep your Hope Living!

Sincerely with Love,





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