Eye Contact – #30Layers30Days

img_1279I said I would not quit, and then I looked away.

I said I would stay focused, and I dropped my head, gazing upon the ground.

I said I would be self-compassionate and gracious when I made mistakes, and I shut my eyes.

With shame and defeat hovering over me, I stared into the mirror intently, depressed, distraught, and weary from trusting in my own sufficiency. In that moment,  I realized just how detrimental all of my will-power infused promises had turned out to be. Knowing that if it was God that I hoped to please, it was time for me to allow Him to take the lead.

Knowing that my past promises were too shallow to be life changing,  I trusted myself to make yet one more.  I promised that I would surrender my life to God, giving Him me, totally. I would trust only Him to fulfill His divine plan. I would follow His lead, and trust His promise to me that through Christ, I could do ALL things.  And when I made that promise, there was no doubt it was true,  not because of my tear stained cheeks, or the peace I instantly sensed in my heart.  It was because for once, I had made a promise, and never broke Eye Contact.

Everything changed when I decided to trust God completely.  As I wrote this  post a song was ringing in my heart.  I have attached it below.  I hope it brings you comfort and peace.  I have learned that giving my heart to God is the safest place for it. He will never let me down. I don’t have a perfect life, but I trust my Perfect God with my entire life, including all of my unknowns. Trusting Jesus changes everything.

That’s all for now,

Until Next Time,

Keep Your Hope Alive and Active!

Sincerely with Love,


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