Broken Glass

“Broken Glass”

Violent. Loving. Abusive. Encouraging. Accusatory. Forgiving. Cunning. Kind. Persuasive. Sincere.


Few know the power of them.

Words of Lovers flowing like honey, sweet, deliberate, and slow.

Words spewing violently, like fiery darts from the mouths of bitter Foes.

Words, refreshing like a cool summer breeze from the mouths of Endearing Friends.

Words stabbing like sharp knives, penetrating flesh from the mouths of Evil Betrayers…


Awakening the soul, while breathing life into the lungs of the Downcast.

Words, assassinating character, beating down and withering the seemingly Strong.


Words linger long after they are spoken.

Life-giving words engulf us like endless hugs and kisses, warming our hearts, carrying restorative power.

Death-filled words, resurface unexpectedly, piercing deeply, and shattering our hearts, like,

B R O K E N – G L A S S


Because we are created in God’s Image, our words have creative power. Each time we speak, we send our words on assignment to create a reality in someone else’s life. We must be mindful of the creations that are constructed with our words.

May we insist on using our creative authority  to  EMPOWER,  CLEANSE,  HEAL,  AND LIBERATE  others with our gift of words.

What you say can preserve life or destroy it; so you must accept the consequences of your words

~Proverbs 18:21, Good News Translation

That’s all for  now,  until next time,  keep your hope living and active.



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