Forget To Remember

  1. deal with or describe in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; make (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is.

Transition is the uncomfortable space between where / who, you were, and where/who you are hoping to be or become.   The pain of transition can make us romanticize about what life was “before.” And because transition usually requires the process of releasing things and people that are toxic to our growth, we oftentimes have to learn how to forget, in order to remember.

What does it mean to “Forget to Remember”

We have to FORGET all of the memories that bring us comfort about the place God has delivered us from,  in order to REMEMBER that the suffering that we are enduring in transition is not only necessary, but also worth it!

Right now, you may be in transition, and your present may seem so dark, and so unlike what you were expecting, and your future may seem so uncertain, that all you can think to do is keep reliving the past, your seeming “glory days,” as if those days are the best you’ll ever have.

BUT, God wants you to know that there are brighter days ahead of you, you need only believe! Your past days, are not your best days, of this I am certain, for the work God began in you, He will complete WITH you! Get excited, for your best is just ahead.

My prayer for you is that you would FORGET your best days, not forever, just for now, so that you can you REMEMBER that where God is leading you is worth the discomfort. I pray that you would not romanticize your past, to the detriment of your future.

Until Next time, keep your hope ALIVE!

With so much Love,


I am convinced that any suffering we endure is less than nothing compared to the magnitude of glory that is about to be unveiled within us.

Romans 8:18,  TPT

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