I’m Taking Up Space

Over the weekend I came across 2 different social media posts that immediately got my attention when I read these words,

“Ready Is A Lie”

 These words pierced my heart immediately, and tears sprang up in the corners of my eyes.  It was not until I read them that I realized, I’ve been waiting for “Ready” for a very long time! I have desperately wanted the feeling of READINESS to come and rescue me from all of my insecurities associated with showing up in spaces of discomfort.

I have put so much off, and pushed so much back waiting for  “Ready.” Yet, these words were suggesting I had been waiting in vain.

To clarify,  I am not talking about preparation.  I highly value preparation. In fact, in many instances I have spent the time preparing, but still did not “SHOW UP” because I did not feel ready for a moment. In this context  “READINESS”  is about how worthy one feels to take up space in an area of expertise and/or gifting. 

My desire for the feeling of readiness has been a stall tactic. The real work for me is consistently agreeing with God enough to move into the spaces I am called to. Turns out, this notion of readiness has revealed that I need to go deeper in my trust in God because,

Trusting God



the superficial feeling of readiness.

I am not anticipating that this nagging desire to feel ready is going away, never to be felt again. The difference is, I am now equipped with TRUTH to confront this lie when it shows up.  The truth is my desire for readiness is an opportunity for me to go deeper in my trust in God. When I feel unworthy to occupy my place, I will confess my confidence in God, review His promises to me,  and move forward!!

I am no longer waiting for Ready, I am taking up space NOW.  

What about you? Have you been waiting patiently for “Ready”?  If so,  here is what I want you know know, 

Right now, even while you are working on becoming the best version of yourself, you are worthy to take up space in the places that God has called you to occupy. 

Today, I am inviting you to join me in TAKING UP SPACE  IMPERFECTLY! Because, Perfection too, is a LIE. ⠀

 Affirm these words with me, ⠀

Even now, while I am making adjustments, learning, and growing, I will take up space in all of the places I’ve been called to occupy. ⠀
In doing so, I am honoring and confirming my confidence in what God has said about me, far beyond my own understanding ⠀
of myself. ⠀

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