Will You Just Start Already?!

In theory, I know how important it is to lay every piece of apprehension to the side and Start. In reality, I tend to weigh myself down with antagonizing thoughts of failure and inadequacy, which either causes unnecessary delays or results in me never starting at all.

Lately, I have been gently nudging myself to begin, even when I am afraid and don’t have every detail figured out. And do you know what I’ve noticed?

I’ve observed my own ability to be courageous. Not only that, but this small act of bravery has also silenced can’t, hushed worry, and frustrated my doubts.

My inner critic has been rendered mute because of my action!

Inaction makes the inner critic boisterous, but activity shuts it down.

If you want your inner critic to stop harassing you, I recommend you start.

The decision to start is not a one-time commitment. You’ll have to recommit daily, but if you continue to commit with your actions, you will look up, and the finish line will be awaiting you.

I hope you will dare to begin! Keep yourself open to learn as you go, and make necessary adjustments along the way, and your victory is inevitable!

Let’s do the things that bring us closer to living purposefully, even if they scare us at first! Because after all,

We can’t complete what we’re too afraid to  BEGIN!

Until Next time,

 Sending you love, courage, and MORE courage.


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